VMware VM Backup

VMware VM Backup

Offering you the absolute best VMware backup solutions, XZBACKUP promises quick, safe and easy protection for the entire VMware vSphere environment. Our VMware backup software ensures that fast backup isn't frustrating. We have configured our system to be easy to use, even for IT newbies! It also includes ESXi backup and Vsphere backup capabilities that can help organizations realize the full potential of their virtual machines. XZBACKUP VMware backup module is designed for using in conjunction with AhsayOBM for fast and secure backup of guest virtual machines in VMware vSphere (ESX / ESXi), vCenter, Server, Workstation, Fusion, and Player.

The ONLY solution that supports ESXi free edition
VDDK / non-VDDK backup mode supported
Fast backup with VMware Changed Block Tracking (CBT) technology
Hot Backup - no need to take system offline for back up operations
Support for VMware vCenter

100% Branded cloud bakup solution!  

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