XZBACKUP Infrastructure

Our Infrastructure

XZBACKUP main data center location is in Tampa, FL. All data sent to this facility is replicated 3x times before being replicated to an external facility if you have a dedicated solution with us.

Facility Information

Our Facilities have the best in space, security, and redundancy to give your business peace of mind. The physical infrastructure is equipped with reinforced concrete walls and no windows. The glass doorways are outfitted with roll-down steel doors that can cover the glass in an emergency.

UPS systems available for true redundancy and performance maintenance bypass on each UPS
N+1 Generator Configuration
9.6 MW Total Power Capacity
Minimum of two fuel repleneshing companies on long term standby fuel contracts in place
Generator capacity is equal to or greater than the local commercial feed
Reinforced concrete exterior walls
260 Feet Above Sea Level
Steel roll-down doors on all entries
RFID and biometric check-points at all ingress and egress
24/7/365 on-site security and monitoring
External CCTV and Security System Within Parking Lots
Carrier neutral environment with access to multiple providers; Bright House / Florida Light & Power (FPL) / Fiber Light / TW Telecom
Cisco network, core to edge - our entire network is constructed with Cisco equipment
BGP routing technologies add intelligence to select the fastest paths across internet backbones
XZBACKUP can provide facility audits upon request.
Because XZBACKUP may provide remote backup services to businesses that could be considered "covered entities" under HIPAA (The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996), we have decided to lay out our data security practices to help ensure they remain compliant while using our service.
You can feel safe knowing your data is stored in a world-class data center. All doors on premises require pass cards with pin codes. There are also several state-of-the-art surveillance cameras and other monitoring equipment keeping watch 24/7/365, staffed by on-site technicians to achieve the highest uptime possible (99.98%).

For more information regarding our platform call us now! +1.800.213.2157 or +44.2036.080613

Contact Information

    9310 Florida Palm Drive
    Tampa, FL 33619
    Toll-Free: +1 800.213.2157
    US Local: +1 727.564.9230
    UK Local: +44 2036.080613
    Phone Hours: 9AM - 6PM EST
    E-mail: sales@xzbackup.com
    Website: www.xzbackup.com
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