XZBACKUP Competitors

Our Competitors

Do you think that our competitors would actually put a link to our website on theirs? XZBACKUP is so confident that you'll find our branded online backup solution far superior than any other white label solution that we want you to shop around.

Whether they lack our features, have large startup costs, are not 100% transparent, or are just not up front about their costs and how they work, we want you to decide!
We even marked the ones that can match us feature-wise so you can look at them first!

Look Around! We're confident that nobody compares with our price and featureset!

For more information regarding our platform call us now! +1.800.213.2157 or +44.2036.080613

Contact Information

    9310 Florida Palm Drive
    Tampa, FL 33619
    Toll-Free: +1 800.213.2157
    US Local: +1 727.564.9230
    UK Local: +44 2036.080613
    Phone Hours: 9AM - 6PM EST
    E-mail: sales@xzbackup.com
    Website: www.xzbackup.com
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