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Java heap space: Backup completed with errors

Java heap space: Backup completed with errors:  This error happens mostly when running  a "Windows System Backup" (bare metal) job, but on occasion shows in the status report during other backup jobs that generate very large temporary files or in-file deltas such as with large SQL/Exchange databases, or full server Image backups.

The default setting in the software is to set to a low amount to prevent from over-usage of memory affecting server operations.

Instruction for backup software:
To modify the Java heap size of backup software you need to amend the following files:
For Windows:

  • Program Files\backup softwareAdvanced\config.ini

For Linux / Unix / Mac OS X:

  • ${backup softwareAdvanced}/config.ini  

1) Please open "config.ini", "RunOBC.bat" and "" with a text editor and you should see entries as shown below:


2) The value 384, 512 and 256 is the current Java heap size which by default is 384MB, 512MB and 256MB

3) Please amend the line by changing the default value to "768", "1024", or higher depending on the amount of free system memory available. If the database/image is 80 GB or larger, a minimum of 1024 is recommeded:


4) Once done, please restart the “Online Backup Scheduler” service.

For Windows, from a command prompt run:

  • net stop "obscheduler" -> Enter
  • net start "obscheduler" -> Enter
  • (alternatively open services.msc -> right click "Online Backup Scheduler" -> Restart)

For Linux / Unix, from a termial session run:

  • service obmscheduler stop
  • service obmscheduler start
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