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Can I use ONE account to backup multiple servers/desktops?

The can surely be done but please use caution and read this FAQ in its entirety!  We do not recommend this method for end user PC's and Laptops.

Install the backup software Advanced software on each server you want to backup. Then simply log in and create a separate backup set for that server. You can even set the encryption keys different for each backup set if you want.

Very important: if you are using a single backup account to backup two or more servers, make sure this box (see image below)  is NOT ticked for backup sets that do not correspond to the server you are on. For example if you have "ServerA's" backup set enabled/scheduled to run on "ServerB" it will cause corruption

From the backup client -> choose "Settings" at the bottom -> choose the backup set that corresponds to the server you are on -> Backup Schedule 

A few Important things to NOTE

  1. The backup set must be created from the corresponding server.  For example, you should not attempt to create a backup set for ServerB from the desktop client on ServerA.
  2. You should not attempt to edit ServerA's backup set from "ServerB" via the desktop client.  After all backup sets are created, you may centrally manage each set via the backup sets section of the user's web control panel. 
  3. Upon first logon of the second and subsequent servers, the client will recognize previously existing backup sets and will prompt you to create an encyption key.  You may leave it "Default" and just click OK. It will have no affect on backup sets not set to run on the server you are currently on. 
  4. Important:  If using a single backup account for multiple desktops, keep in mind that if UserA has the backup account password, UserA will be able to see/edit UserB's backup set settings.  If this is not acceptable in your environment, then it is suggested separate accounts be used for each desktop.  
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