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How do I enable a Local Backup copy?

Setting up a local backup is quite easy. This requires the Advanced client software.

  1. Open the backup set settings within the software client.

  2. Select the backup set you wish to enable local copy for.

  3. In the left hand pane select 'Local Copy'.

  4. Check [Copy to Local Hard Disk]

  5. Click [Change] next to [Copy To] and select a local folder. This can be an external drive, local folder, or a mapped network drive.

  6. Choose the retention settings for the local copy. The local copy will only keep changed data for the days specified here. The normal [Retention Policy] settings do not apply to local copies, only the offsite.

  7. You can choose that a backup job will [Skip backing up to Offsite Backup Server]. This will cause the backup set to not send any data offsite so you do not use up cloud backup storage space.

Please ensure that the local copy device has the proper amount of free space to handle the retention settings you defined.

Note: Also if you choose to [Skip backing up to Offsite Backup Server] you will receive reports stating (no files backed up) because the e-mail reports will only detail files that were sent to the offsite server. The e-mail reports will however report any errors or issues with the local copy if any arise.

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