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Top 5 reasons our customers choose us over our competitors (in no particular order):

Backup Speed

Our software runs as a background service and transfers data in a multi-threaded way. This allows it to transfer data quite fast since it can keep multiple transfers open at once. There are no limitations on bandwidth unless you decide to throttle the bandwidth. We have customers from datacenters that are backing up to us at over 400Mbps! This comes out to almost 50MB/s. That's big Megabyte!


Ease of Use

Our reseller management portal is very easy and straightforward to use. You can easily monitor and manage thousands of users at once with our portal. The backup software also is very simple to use. It is not overly complex and allows you to quickly get a user setup and running with proper backups in no time at all.


Seed Loading - Restore From Disk

Not many backup providers out there will allow you to seed the data in the cloud with data from a physical device. This allows you to start running incremental backups immediately without having to wait for a large initial backup to complete, especially when the client may not have the greatest internet available.

We also will take your data and ship it to you on a physical device if you require it quickly and do not want to go through the download process. Depending on the data and the client involved, we can even restore/decompress/decrypt the data on our end and provide it as an encrypted zip file on an FTP/SFTP server.


Phone Support

Have a problem? Call us anytime Monday-Saturday 9-6PM EST. We will be glad to help you troubleshoot your issues!


Data Durability (3x Replica)

Recent improvements in the way data is being stored in the cloud allows us to move away from the ancient RAID type systems of storing large amounts of data into the new tier of data storage. Rather than storing data with just a few extra bits of parity, we actually store multiple copies of the data. 3X Replica is what we call it!


Advanced Security

Our platform is the best for securing your data. All data is compressed and encrypted with 256-bit encryption before ever leaving the backup client. Data is transferred over SSL to our servers. No encryption keys or passwords are stored on our systems. This ensures that even if data was accessed off our systems by an attacker, they would require the original keys that are not stored on our systems.

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