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How can I use "Backup Filters" in my jobs to keep out unwanted data?

A "Backup Filter" defines the file selection rules that allow user to easily include/exclude files into/from the backup set by applying user defined criteria(s) to the file names or directory names. There are some basic rules regarding backup filters:

  • Filters are checked in creation order. Once inclusion/exclusion has been identified, the remaining filters won't be checked.
  • Inclusion/Exclusion made by filter always takes precedence over backup source selections
  • If all filters do not apply to a particular file, this file is then checked for inclusion/exclusion backup source selections

Example 1

If you have made your selection of files (all under C:\) from the backup source setting but you want exclude all images (e.g. *.jpg and *.gif) from your selection, you should setup your backup filter as follows.

  • Top Directory = C:\
  • Apply To = File (true)
  • Matching Type = End With
  • Matching Patterns = *.jpg, *.gif
  • Filter Mode = Exclude
  • Include all others = false

Example 2 (advanced)

If you want to include all directories named “log” from the backup set files with file name starting with “B” and ending with “*.doc” under C:\My Documents into the backup set, you can use a regular expression of “^B.*\.doc$” to do your selection. The filter backup can then be setup as follows.

  • Top Directory = C:\My Documents
  • Apply To = File (true)
  • Matching Type = Regular Expression
  • Matching Patterns = ^B.*\.doc$
  • Filter Mode = Include
  • Exclude all others = True
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