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In case of a full blown disaster how quickly can we be back up and running

Scenario 1a:  If there was total disk failure and/or data corruption, it would depend on how fast you could get your server operating system rebuilt (this step is usually 4-6 hours).  This is true for any backup solution whether it be tape or disk.  In the meantime, we would send your data to you via USB drive so you could restore it quickly. Normally 15 GB or less can be restored over the internet faster than shipping it, depending on your internet connection speed, and the timing of shipping everything.

Scenario 1b: If you are using our "Local Copy" feature (included), you would have a local copy of the backup data on a USB drive or network drive and we would not need to ship it to you (cool eh?).  Of course if the "disaster" was only hardware failure (other than disks), your data may not be affected at all.

Scenario 2:  We have a feature called "bare metal restore" that utilizes the "Windows System Backup" functionality in Windows 2008 Server.  With this option, backup software creates a mirror image of your entire server to a local disk such as a USB drive, and then we backup that image off-site.  If you were using this feature and needed to restore the entire server, you would simply boot up the server with the operating system CD/DVD and restore the entire server just as it looked the night before (or whenever you lasted backed up).  This is a very cool feature and saves a lot of time in a disaster scenario, but of course it will increase your monthly storage capacity.

If you are not using Windows 2008, you can still utilize the bare metal feature if you are using the popular StorageCraft Shadowprotect software.  backup software integrates with that software if detected on a server, and  it takes one the same type of process as above.

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