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Error: [Shadow Copy] (1/10) Will retry in 60 Sec.

The following error appears in the backup report/log.
5     Info     2011/01/30 02:53     [Shadow Copy] (1/10) Will retry in 60 Sec.
6     Info     2011/01/30 02:54     [Shadow Copy] (2/10) Will retry in 60 Sec.
7     Info     2011/01/30 02:55     [Shadow Copy] (3/10) Will retry in 60 Sec.

Microsoft's Volume Shadow Copy service allows files that are open by other programs to be backed up. The retry messages above indicate that a Volume Shadow Copy could not be created.  Check the following:

  1. Volume Shadow Copy requires an NTFS formatted drive.

  2. Review the troubleshooting guide for VSS: Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) Troubleshooting.

In case of Volume Shadow Copy problems, Microsoft recommends re-registering the VSS dll's.  To do this, execute the batch file located at C:\Program Files\backup software Advanced\bin\RegisterVSS.bat.

If the errors continue you can try to disable the use of Volume Shadow Copy for the backup set by opening the backup software backup client, selecting "Settings" -> "Options" -> and then un-ticking "No" under "Enable Volume Shadow Copy". However, this may case more errors with not being able to access files.

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