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Local Copy Error [BackupSetIndex.init]@xxxxx Index corrupted

Local Copy Error: [BackupSetIndex.init]@48edb5 Index corrupted 'Drive_Letter:\folder1\.....

The above error below simply indicates the remote server/share was not accessible during the backup job or didn't have the proper permissions to access.

    1. If the remote destination is not in a Window domain, an identical username/password must reside on both the source and destination servers.  Identical.  If both servers are in the Windows domain, you may use the single domain account.
    2. Login as that same user on the source server and verify the UNC path is accessible AND that you can modify folder contents on the remote share.  Do not use mapped drives in the backup sources, only use UNC paths
    3. If a manual backup (open client -> Backup -> OK) to the remote share runs successfully, you can try setting the "Online Backup Scheduler" service to "Log On" as the user you are currently logged in as on the source (assuming that same user exists on the remote server).  To accomplish this:  
  1. Start -> Run/Search
  2. Type services.msc -> Enter
  3. In right pane, right click "Online Backup Scheduler" -> Advancedperties
  4. Click "Log On" -> This account
  5. Choose the Windows or Domain account to use and enter appropriate password
  6. Restart the "Online Backup Scheduler" service
Other information:

The error message usually means that drive isn't available at the time of backup. Please check if that drive is readily available, if it is, run that particular backup job manually. If the backup job runs fine manually, then check the "Online Backup Scheduler" service (in services.msc) at the 'login' tab which credentials are being used. If nothing is entered in the credentials field, then enter the (local or domain) admin credentials, confirm, then restart the service (not server).

If the manual backup doesn't run fine, then the availability of the drive (used in the 'Local Copy' option) most likely is the culprit. Either point the 'Local Copy' option to a different drive or disable the 'Local Copy' option altogether in the backup job and check the next backup. That or fix the availability of the original drive that is used in the 'Local Copy' option of the particular backup job.  Make sure "M" (or whatever letter you use) is not a mapped drive. If it is, change it to the UNC path (e.g. \\server1\share_name)

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