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Why does the "Application Data" look like it is backing up in a loop?

This is a common issue related to "junction points" that sometimes occurs in Win 7/Vista/2008. The backup client gets caught in a loop trying to process a "junction point" such as "C:\Users\All Users\Application Data". The best way to avoid the warning message is to simply exclude that path from the backup.

The error looks similar to this in the backup report:

Documents and Settings\\Local Settings\Application Data\Application Data\Application Data\Application Data\\Application Data\Application Data\

To view the actual location of all junctions that are on the corresponding machine, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Open a command prompt window
  2. Navigate to the root C:\ directory
  3. Enter the following command to recursively view all junctions on the corresponding hard drive:
  4. Example:
    dir /aL /s > junction.txt
    The result will be output to a text file called junction.txt
  5. Open the junction.txt file and you should see entries similar to the following (there may be many entries that look overwhelming at first, but you only need to pick out the paths that you need to backup, not everything listed)
  6. Example:
    Directory of C:\ProgramData
    DD/MM/YYYY  hh:mm    <JUNCTION>     Application Data [C:\ProgramData]
    DD/MM/YYYY  hh:mm    <JUNCTION>     Desktop [C:\Users\Public\Desktop]
    DD/MM/YYYY  hh:mm    <JUNCTION>     Documents [C:\Users\Public\Documents]
    DD/MM/YYYY  hh:mm    <JUNCTION>     Favorites [C:\Users\Public\Favorites]
    DD/MM/YYYY  hh:mm    <JUNCTION>     Start Menu [C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu]
    DD/MM/YYYY  hh:mm    <JUNCTION>     Templates [C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Templates]
  7. According to the junction.txt file, modify the backup source of the affected backup set to perform backup on the actual location of the data
For example, if you would like to backup Mary's "My Documents" , the you would need to expilicitly add C:\Users\Mary\Documents as a backup source.  The best place to manage such changes is through the mangement portal and either login as the client or modify the user as a reseller.  To eliminate junction point loops, please refrain from adding a "blanket" backup source such as "C:\"
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