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Windows 2008 System/State Backup

For a successful system or system state backup in Windows Server 2008, you must install the Windows Server Backup, Command-line Tools, and Windows PowerShell items that are available in the Add Features Wizard in Server Manager.

Note: because of the changes Microsoft introduced in Windows 2008, the system state averages 5-10G in size.

To perform a [test] System State backup manually on a Windows 2008 server (without backup software), please refer to the following instructions:

  1. Open a command prompt

  2. Enter the following command, the initial System State backup of the Windows 2008 server will be performed afterward:
    wbadmin start SystemStateBackup -backuptarget:F: -quiet >> C:\backupLogs.txt

Note: In the example above, the System State backup data will be spooled to the F:\ directory.
The backup destination (e.g. -backuptarget) of the System State backup data must be a non-critical drive. Furthermore, the location specified as the backup destination must be set to the root of the drive. You cannot specify the backup destination as F:\temp, it has to be F:\.


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