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How do I install backup software on a Linux machine?


You have logged into the Unix machine as root
Please refer to the following instructions:
  1. Download the Linux version of the backup software to the machine in question.

  2. Unpack the obm-nix.tar.gz package to the following directory: /opt/obm
    mkdir /opt/obm
    cd /opt/obm
    tar zxf %FILENAME_NIX%
  3. Run the installation script.
  4. Run the configurator script to login.
  5. If asked for the URL of the server then enter in
    Ensure you replace %RESELLERUSERNAME% with your actual reseller username. For example if your reseller username is xzbackup, you would enter in

  6. After running the Configurator script once, please access the backup set settings portion of the web portal to begin creating backup sets.

  7. Re-run the Configurator script and it will prompt you if the machine should manage the backup sets you created within the web portal.
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