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  • Error Messages: Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) Troubleshooting
    Answer: This document will help you troubleshoot your Windows related Volume Shadow Copy Service errors and is for informational purposes only. Because some of the suggestions ...
  • Backing Up: My "backup missed" - Why?
    Answer: Important Note: We have absolutely no way of telling you why a backup was missed specifically. Our system simply is aware that we should have ...
  • Backing Up: Windows 2008 System/State Backup
    Answer: For a successful system or system state backup in Windows Server 2008, you must install the Windows Server Backup, Command-line Tools, and Windows PowerShell items ...
  • Backing Up: Best practices for backup and recovery of MS Windows system backup
    Answer: Bare metal backup or restore can be challenging at times. However, a little planning ahead can save you a lot of trouble when performing a ...
  • Troubleshooting: How do I change the "Scheduler" service logon user?
    Answer: When you run backups manually through the client they are run under the current logged in user's context. This means that the backup client will ...
  • Exchange: Exchange 2010: Types of backup options
    Answer: The following are some Frequently Asked Questions about the types of backup options for MS Exchange 2010 server backup. backup software utilizes the Volume Shadow Copy ...

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