Data and storage growth trends – and how they affect online backup

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06jan, 2016

Data and storage growth trends – and how they affect online backup

The amount of electronic data in the world is constantly growing. We all know that. But many don’t know by how much. To give you an idea, 15 petabytes of new information is created every day. That’s equal to 15,000 gigabytes, or even better, 200 years of HDTV.

As companies grow and capabilities are enhanced, more data is created and requires more storage. As a result, storage companies are seeing storage growth trends each year, with 2009 bringing in $16.5 billion and 2010 topping off at $19.4 billion, an 18 percent increase that is expected to continue into 2011.

To meet the growing data storage demands of its customers, XZ Backup is in the process of building a 9,000-square-foot webcam data center with raised flooring and three megawatt power consumption, expected to be complete in December 2011.

For both online backup companies and online backup resellers alike, data growth is great for business. According to Promise Technology, there are a number of factors that affect data and storage growth, such as:

  • Complex graphics, online videos, 3D animation, and smart phone capabilities.
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery plans to minimize disruptions of service, ensure timely resumption of operations, and limit financial loss.
  • Regulatory compliance policies and processes that financial firms have in place to ensure compliance with laws, rules and regulations, including requirements to retain data or records.
  • Medical industry standards for privacy and security of personal health data (HIPAA).

These government requirements and advancements in technology will only get more complex. Data will to continue to grow exponentially. And white label online backup companies like ours will continue to adapt to changes in the market, offering more storage and with the latest hardware and technology.

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