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Enabling Disaster Recovery for Enterprise and SMB

May 11, 2010 Posted by: Corey Recvlohe data presentation No Comments

A lot of companies out there, especially in the Small and Medium Business space, have absolutely no disaster recovery program in place (up to 40% of Enterprise customers have no validation procedures in place, according to Info Tech Research). So an essential part of any DR go-to-market strategy for the SMB segment (including Enterprise) must include a comprehensive plan for addressing all of the business, communication, and technical processes required for successful deployment of DR Managed Services. Here is some information that we think is useful moving forward:

Essentials Storyboard Enabling Disaster Recovery

The Economist: Big Data On Its Way

May 11, 2010 Posted by: Corey Recvlohe scalable computing No Comments

We mentioned “Big Data” in a blog post a few days ago, so we would like to point you in the direction of an Economist piece entitled Data, data everywhere. It’s a great run through of the trend, and you walk away with a few solid numbers. What’s the takeaway? Data is a new economic input, on par with labor and capital. New forms of businesses will rise up in the next decade, and their models will rely on information generated by not just desktop computers, but cloud computing platforms, mobile phones, gps sensors, and enumerable other devices that will come to market. We appear to be in the beginning stages, so stay on the lookout.

A special report on managing information

Data, data everywhere

Information has gone from scarce to superabundant. That brings huge new benefits, says Kenneth Cukier (interviewed here)—but also big headaches

WHEN the Sloan Digital Sky Survey started work in 2000, its telescope in New Mexico collected more data in its first few weeks than had been amassed in the entire history of astronomy. Now, a decade later, its archive contains a whopping 140 terabytes of information. A successor, the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope, due to come on stream in Chile in 2016, will acquire that quantity of data every five days.

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Storage Trends

May 8, 2010 Posted by: Corey Recvlohe Storage 2 Comments

Every day there are gains in the IT Storage sector. Big data is on its way, but the problem remains: how to implement services and support for this growing industry segment? As more devices get into the hands of consumers, and businesses bring online more software tools to aid development and growth, we see the opportunity. Just search the Internet for open-source information; we did, and here’s what we found:

IDC – HDD Industry to Deliver More Than 300,000 Petabytes of Storage Capacity Over the Next Five Years to Enterprise Datacenters and Clouds


FRAMINGHAM, Mass., May 3, 2010 – Despite trying economic times, and an unprecedented decline in hard disk drive (HDD) terabyte shipments for enterprise applications in 2009, HDD vendors forged ahead by introducing new HDD products/form factors that address both current and future enterprise storage market requirements. According to new research from International Data Corporation (IDC), HDD shipments for enterprise applications will increase from 40.5 million units in 2009 to 52.6 million units in 2014. Moreover, the HDD industry will ship more Petabytes for enterprise applications in the next two years than it did in the preceding 20 years.

“We’re definitely seeing intensive cost cutting measures among end users striving to bring more efficiency to current solutions,” said John Rydning, research director for Storage Mechanisms: Disk. “The employment of technologies such as data deduplication, thin provisioning, storage multitiering, and storage virtualization are all contributing to reducing end-user costs.”

Other key findings from IDC’s research include the following:

  • The transition from 3.5in. to 2.5in. performance-optimized form factor HDDs will be complete by 2012
  • Growing interest in new storage delivery models such as storage as a service, or storage in the cloud is likely to put greater storage capacity growth demands on Internet datacenters
  • The price per gigabyte of performance-optimized HDD storage will continue to decline at a rate of approximately 25% to 30% per year

Also we have a video with HP’s Jimmy Daley on storage trends for the server market. Good insights to keep track of.

Pictures and Videos from the Datacenter

May 7, 2010 Posted by: Corey Recvlohe company news 2 Comments

We were at the facility this week installing servers, switches, and routers; so we decided to take a few pictures and videos. Here’s a look:

Router lights from XZ Backup on Vimeo.

Datacenter from XZ Backup on Vimeo.